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Here are some remedies you can use to treat yourself while you're at home.
  1. Sharp tooth or filling – You may be able to use an emery board (nail file) to smooth the area.
  2. Sensitive tooth – rubbing Sensodyne toothpaste on the area may help. Leave a “smear” of Sensodyne toothpaste on the area before you go to bed.
  3. Filling fell out – if it is not sensitive, leave it for now.  If it is sensitive or sore, you can try Sensodyne and/or Tylenol.  You could also try to put some sugarless gum into the hole.  Another option is a Q-tip, dipped in clove oil (which can be purchased from some pharmacies and grocery stores) applied to the sore area.
  4. Temporary or permanent crown fell off – one option is to leave it off at this time.  If it is sensitive, you can apply Sensodyne; most likely it will become less sensitive over time. You can try to put it back on using some denture adhesive, toothpaste or sugarless chewing gum. You want it to stick pretty well so you don’t risk it going down your throat/windpipe at night.
  5. Sore gums – floss well to make sure there is no food stuck and try warm salt water rinses.  Sometimes anaesthetic gels like Orajel can help – these gels can be purchased at pharmacies.
  6. Broken denture or partial tooth – leave for now if not sharp.  File with an emery board if that will help.  Don’t wear for the time being if it is too uncomfortable and cannot be helped. Sometimes “crazy glue” can work.  
  7. Swelling around unerupted teeth (wisdom teeth) – use salt water rinses to clean the gums and brush your teeth twice daily. 
  8. Lost dental appliance (retainer, nightguard) – you can try a “boil and bite” soft mouthguard from a pharmacy.
The best intervention during this crisis may be management with medications alone.

There are very few circumstances that will result in actual dental treatment being performed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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